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Sizing of Jewellery



Your ring should be a comfortable fit; loose enough to fit over your knuckle, but snug enough so that it will not fall off. Finger sizes are usually smaller in the morning or when cold, therefore it is best to measure them at the end of the day and when they are warm. I would recommend measuring your finger a few times to make sure you get the correct measurement.

  • Step 1: Wrap a string or piece of paper (no wider than about 1cm) around your finger.

  • Step 2: Mark the point where the two ends cross each other.

  • Step 3: Measure the string or paper against a ruler. This will be the inside circumference of your ring.

  • Step 4: Find your nearest measurement on the chart below to determine your ring size.

  • You can also visit a high street jewellers and ask them to measure your ring size or measure a ring that you already have that fits you well.


    Please note a wide ring band may require an increase of one size so please bear this in mind when ordering.

    Ring Size measurements
    Ring Size Chart


    Use a measuring tape to measure your wrist at the wrist bone. Do not make your measurement too tight or your bracelet may be too small. Make a note of the length then add 2.5cm to 3.5cm to this length for the actual bracelet length. 

    Or measure a bracelet (end-to-end) that you already have that fits you well, ensuring that you include the clasp.

    Bangles / Cuffs


    Bangles are usually sized by inside diameter and are designed to be worn loose on the wrist. They should feel a little tight as they go on over your hand so that they do not come off accidentally. I sell three sizes (Small, Medium and Large to fit wrist sizes 16-18cm, 18-20cm, and 20-22cm respectively) but I can make other sizes on request.  The easiest way of determining your bangle measurement is to measure the inside diameter of a bangle you already have that fits you. Alternatively, clench your fist and use a tape measure to measure across from the middle of the knuckle on your first finger to the middle of the knuckle on your little finger. This measurement will be the inside diameter of your ideal bracelet size. Please note that I make oval bangles slightly wider than the measurement that you supply, to account for the shape of the bangle.


    Bangle Size Chart



    Pendants can be supplied on different length chains. These are usually in 2” increments e.g. 16”, 18”, 20”, etc. If you would like a different length chain or different style, please add a note at checkout.

    Please see the illustration below, which shows how where each length typically sits.

    Necklace lengths
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